About Us

X-Sago.com is one part of a multinational company Taharica Group, Taharica is known as a company with experience in the field of testing and measuring are also very expert in the field of instrumentation that has stood since 1997, X-Sago is one brand of product that you have on scales are a professional division is engaged in animal scales , as expert systems integrator specializing x-sago over the animals that produced their own scales (main frame and system) starting from the design, analysis, design, quality product ready to jump to the market.

Animal Scales has its own advantages compared with other scales, in addition to its dynamic should not be separated from its use practical design. As a company engaged in this, of course, we

Product and Services


Animal Scale Large Cage

  Animal Scale Large Cage is one of the X-Sago products are best…


Animal Scale Cage

Scale Animal Cage is a new innovation in the world of scales, one of the…


Animal Scale Large Without Cage

Animal Scale Large Without Cage is one of the X-sago products are actually…


Animal Scale Small Without Cage

 Well for this one product is smaller than the scales of other animals,…

What we do ?

What do the x-sago, X-Sago contribute in the improvement of human resources as a step to support the government in the country…


Why Us ?

Proven experience With 14 years Taharica Group Support of combined design and development expertise and some of the indonesia…