Is animal Scale Important

This question posed by your perfect working in the field of animal husbandry and maintenance. And how important is weights of animals or weights of animals for breeding and maintenance of these animals?.

Considering owned animals is a must for those of you who have either animal or poultry livestock animals. Weighing of animals like this is important because the owners or agencies that have farm animals should have the data of mass / weight of animals owned.

And for what purpose the animal data? Here are two things that require the weighing of animals:

    Weighing the animal or animals must be done each time the weight of one animal with another animal will vary from time to time so that the routine can be done once every week or once a month. Weighing is very useful to know the ideal animal food that is needed at a time so no smaller or bigger.
    Animal disease is to be feared for the farm owners and agencies. But this can be prevented by weighing the animals performed within a certain time. Weighing of animals is very useful to know the animals that have had drastic weight loss or not because if the drastic decline of these animals have feared that the disease has a high mortality risk.

Surely the risk of diseases that cause death like this is avoided by livestock owners and agencies. Because if the animals have died, the loss will be more and more and the risk of spread of virus diseases is very high. Weighing of animals as one of prevention that can be done with an instrument called the animal scale .

Weights of animals or animal scales are commonly known in English by animal scale is a scale solutions intended for breeding or raising animals to measure the mass of the animal or animals that have to have the purpose of data they hold.

Scales of animals ( animal scale ) can weigh animals from animals that have a mass as small as pet dogs and cats to an animal that has a large mass such as animal husbandry and other cattle.

These scales have a huge capacity up to the ton in accordance with orders from the customer / user. These scales have been trusted by the various agencies, especially the various provincial livestock office in Indonesia.