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xsagoproductOn this page describes some of the capabilities and products are owned by the we design, produce and analyze the needs of our customers related to the main products that we sell the animal scale.

Weights of animals that we produce that integrates the main material with supporting materials are designed specifically for animals that weigh as usual in cattle, goats, sheep, horses, deer, pigs, and some other pets. We expect the products manufactured by is capable of providing solutions for users of both animal scales from the perspective of function and price that gives us the market.

here are some products we have to try to continue to innovate and provide the best for our clients.

Products Animal Scales


Animal Scale Small Without Cage

 Well for this one product is smaller than the scales of other animals, animal scale small  without cage has small dimensions so it is perfect when used for weighing the animals peliaharaan small like a cat, dog (small size), sheep small, birds, rabbits, and various other animals. Because it is a simple and practical shape make this animal scales pretty much in demand but because it functions…

Animal Scale Large Without Cage

Animal Scale Large Without Cage is one of the X-sago products are actually almost the same as X-sago products are the only animal that is the Large Scale Cage, the difference lies in the cage that is not owned by the animal scale uncage, but the functions and features have in common.  Animal Scale large without cage is a request from some of our clients are quite often booked so we make one product…

Animal Scale Cage

Scale Animal Cage is a new innovation in the world of scales, one of the X-sago product is pretty much asked by our clients, because the design is practical and robust construction, and not miss a favorite addition to the features of digital technology indicators continue to use the system breakdown. Scales animals of this type is suitable for weighing livestock such as goats, sheep, donkeys, and…

Animal Scale Large Cage

  Animal Scale Large Cage is one of the X-Sago products are best sellers at this time, many industries, especially the livestock industry uses our products because the price is very competitive and advantages possessed no scales on the features of other animals. Many advantages to using this product in its application to animal scales . this is evidenced by the many orders that come to us. One…